How Government puts people first.

Government Departments are shifting to the NXT Normal, and leaders are prioritizing mission delivery over the burden of data gathering.

Dave Brown

Former Chief of Administration, CA State Agency

“We’re not in the business of building web apps, we’re in business of regulating... and that’s where we ought to have our attention.”

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Maurya Falkner

Special Advisor and former Environmental Program Manager, CA State Agency

“The 1500 hours that we spend annually to enter those forms... that will go to nearly nothing. It’s a dramatic reduction in our staff time.”

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Increased speed to service


Enhanced constituent experience

This is what's NXT

Constituents expect services that adapt to their needs and are delivered quickly, when it matters most. Innovators in government are delivering by focusing their resources on mission-driven work, not building or maintaining data management tools.

Delivered in months, not years

MissionNXT provides government with risk-free, custom data management solutions. Every solution is designed to your needs, developed in a matter of months rather than years, and free until all functionality is approved by you and your team.

Who uses MissionNXT?

Departments that have limited resources, want to roll out functions quickly, or need to address shifting legislative mandates will all benefit from MissionNXT.

If your department needs a no-risk replacement for its legacy systems, you'll benefit too.

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This California State Agency used MissionNXT to cut the time its staff spent on data input from 1,500 hours each year to just 20.

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The agency's Marine Invasive Species Program produced 10,000 paper forms per year, requiring a team of four to manage data entry. Improving efficiency proved challenging.

Working with the agency, we designed a MissionNXT system that saved countless hours, meaning staff had more time to focus on mission work. Additionally, the agency didn’t have to pay for their custom solution until it went live, thanks to our commitment to building before customers pay.

Their platform went from concept to full production within 5 months and has been fully hosted and supported for nearly 5 years, with dozens of enhancements made to support changes in legislation – all delivered at no extra cost.

With MissionNXT on your side, you can spend less time managing data, and more time using it. Dive deeper into how MissionNXT can work for your department.

  • Focus more resources on mission priorities
  • Accelerate time to production, with no upfront cost
  • Never have a legacy system thanks to continuously updated enhancements
  • Remove responsibility for maintenance or licenses
  • Procure outcomes, not deliverables

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