MissionNXT MissionNXT is a Data as a Service solution for government.

Focus more of your resources on program work.

What is MissionNXT?

MissionNXT means you'll remove the burden of data gathering and focus more resources on program work.

A MissionNXT solution allows organizations to redirect critical resources away from the unrewarding task of data input, collection, and validation to the true priority of mission work.

With budgets shrinking and expectations growing, government must shift toward empowering people, program goals, and customer satisfaction.

Dave Brown

Former Chief of Administration, State Agency

“We’re not in the business of building web apps, we’re in business of regulating... and that’s where we ought to have our attention.”

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Maurya Falkner

Special Advisor, State Agency

“The 1500 hours that we spend annually to enter those forms... that will go to nearly nothing. It’s a dramatic reduction in our staff time.”

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$0 upfront with no risk

No fees until the system is live and accepted by you. Annual payment for 3 years.

MissionNXT includes development, hosting, and future enhancements for one annual fee. No change orders.

6-9 months

MissionNXT reduces your typical 3+ year time commitment to 6-9 months from start to go-live.

15%-40% staff time saved

A MissionNXT solution means you can redirect critical staff to mission work and away from tedious data collection activities.

Increased speed to service

Shift communications and data intake to meet legislative priorities


Shift resources to focus on mission priority work

Enhanced constituent experience

Shift speed of enhancements to meet service need

This State Agency used MissionNXT to cut the time its staff spent on data input from 1,500 hours each year to just 20.

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The agency's Marine Invasive Species Program produced 10,000 paper forms per year, requiring a team of four to manage data entry. Increasing efficiency proved challenging.

Working with the agency, we designed a MissionNXT system that saved countless hours, meaning staff had more time to focus on mission work. Additionally, the agency didn’t have to pay for their custom solution until it went live, thanks to our commitment to building before customers pay.

Their platform went from concept to full production within 5 months and has been fully hosted and supported for nearly 5 years, with dozens of enhancements made to support changes in legislation – all delivered at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MissionNXT?

MissionNXT is a part of M Corp, a government consulting company with 18 years of success. In this time, we have developed the methods of project scoping, pricing, and implementation that together make MissionNXT.

What kinds of organizations can use MissionNXT?

MissionNXT is for State, municipal, and education organizations. It’s great for agencies that have limited resources, increased constituent demands, or maintenance and operations responsibilities.

Will my department's data remain secure?

Yes, we use industry-standard security practices in all systems to ensure your data remains secure.

Will I be dependent on the new system forever, or would I be able to transition to something different in the future?

Some technology companies try to guarantee future business by making it difficult for agencies to leave. We aim to keep your business by delivering extraordinary value.

How do I buy MissionNXT?

Our systems are not major legacy replacement projects. MissionNXT system are typically smaller and can be purchased with common procurement methods. contact us for details.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form below and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

With MissionNXT on your side, you can spend less time managing data, and more time using it. Dive deeper into how MissionNXT can work for you.

  • Focus more resources on mission priorities
  • Accelerate time to production, with no upfront cost
  • Never have a legacy system thanks to continuously updated enhancements
  • Remove responsibility for maintenance or licenses
  • Procure outcomes, not deliverables

See for yourself! Email us or fill out the form to schedule conversation with us about your specific needs.

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